Women, Peace and Security Helpdesk

The helpdesk is an expert call-down facility that aims to provide flexible, responsive and easy-to-use technical advice and support on WPS and gender in conflict and crisis contexts. It offers services to the Integrated Security Fund (ISF) and UK government, with a global remit.

Thematic Areas

Exploring issues around the development and implementation of NAP on WPS, WPS resolutions and related policy frameworks in the UK and elsewhere.
Analysis and tools that explore how gendered norms, practices and systems, including around masculinities, fuel and interact with violence and conflict.
Exploring the importance of women’s meaningful participation in all decision-making at local, national, regional and international levels on conflict prevention, management, and resolution.

Exploring gendered implications of conflict prevention, including reducing military expenditures, arms
control, promoting non-violent forms of conflict resolution, and addressing roots causes of gendered
violence and conflict.

Exploring how humanitarian, relief and recovery efforts, systems and policies respond to the specific needs of women, girls and marginalised groups.
Exploring the protection of women, girls and marginalised groups from gender-based violence, including of women human rights defenders, activists and peacebuilders
Analysis on cyberthreats to international peace and security and their gendered implications & exploring modern conflict and the gendered violence that occurs in cyberspace.
Exploring the gendered dynamics of environmental degradation and climate change-related conflict and violence.


New UK NAP 2023-2028 has now been launched

The UK has launched its new Women, Peace and Security (WPS) National Action Plan (NAP) for 2023-2028. As part of this effort, the team have commissioned two tasks to the WPS Helpdesk. One of them is a consultation with WROs in three priority countries (Myanmar, Somalia and Afghanistan) and the other is an analysis of what priorities related to domestic affairs should feature in the new NAP.

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