Intersections between climate change, Serious and Organised Crime and gender

As part of the global debate on climate security, this report considers the relationship between climate change, gender, and Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) as an item relevant to this debate and interlinked with women, peace and security (WPS). From a bottom-up approach, the report considers five case studies where it unpacks the effects of climate change increasing the gendered vulnerabilities of women, girls, men and boys to SOC. The findings reveal, for the first time, patterns pointing at the intersection between climate change, the exacerbation of pre-existing inequalities, and the capacity of SOC to thrive as a new gap in the literature and in policy-making. These findings are discussed in light of the global regulatory framework, the transition to a green economy and the climate security debate. The report concludes with recommendations to integrate the climate–gender–SOC nexus within the climate security agenda, including the establishment of synergies with WPS.